Why SC has extra-long holidays on Hindu festivals

Kashmir Times. Dated: 11/9/2018 6:12:08 PM

Dear Editor,
At a time when Supreme Court has been passing orders or delaying cases which hurt religious sentiments of majority Hindu community, it is indeed interesting to note that judges themselves enjoy extra-long holidays on Hindu festivals like on Dussehra and Deepawali. Even though day next to Deepawali is most availed restricted holiday, others being paid from public-exchequers do not have it as a regular holiday while Supreme Court judges this year had extra-long holidays from 04.11.2018 to 11.11.2018 on Deepawali including on day next to Deepawali.
Otherwise also it is totally unjustified that judges may enjoy too many holidays including long summer and winter breaks which others getting salaries from public-exchequers do not get. This is a class-distinction between different sections of society, which is usually a base for various judgements of Supreme Court. Supreme Court judges follow unholy British legacy of extra-long summer break which was designed to save British judges in India from hot weather and to enable them visit their home-land, which is not the case with Indian judges. Supreme Court judges were also unfair in gifting themselves with life-time domestic help for self and spouses at government-expenses which others paid from public-exchequers do not get.
--Subhash Madhu
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba, Chandni Chowk
DELHI 110006 (India)



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