Encroachment on roads hazardous for traffic

Kashmir Times. Dated: 3/10/2019 11:57:05 PM

Dear Editor,
The J&K High Court has reportedly taken serious note on a PIL filed against illegal encroachment of pavements on roads and lanes in Jammu city and has sought status report for the JMC authorities in this regard. Illegal encroachment is rapidly becoming a phenomenon obstructing smooth flow of traffic and movement of the pedestrians. The JMC authorities now and then carry raids and the shopkeepers getting prehand information thereof remove the goods put on display on the pavements and the roads as well. Under the very nose of JMC o the both sides of the road in upper Gumat, Raghunath Bazar, Kanak Mandi, below Gumat and Vinayak Bazar the shopkeepers have extended their goods on the pavements and on the road as well. Similar is the situation in other areas of the city like Purani Mandi, Link Road Moti Bazar, Pucca Danga, Talab Tillo, etc. Moreover, the residents at various places have parked their vehicles (two, three and four wheelers) on the road and in the lanes as well which is another factor of encroachment of roads and lanes illegally thus turning the roads into lanes and lanes choked making the pedestrians to move about their "Bach Bach Key".
The JMC authorities in particular and traffic police in general are duty bound to ensure that movement of traffic and walk on foot-paths in unhindered.
--Krishan Singh,
Talab Tillo, Jammu



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