Algeria's Spring

Kashmir Times. Dated: 3/10/2019 11:57:19 PM

Dear Editor,
For the past two weeks across the nation streets have been flooded with demonstrators against their ailing president Abdelaziz Bouteflika's fifth re-election bid after 20 years in power.The largest nation in Africa which remained silent during the Arab spring now erupting in a series of protests against the regime of so called Democratic Dictator.
82 year old Bouteflika took power in 1999 and played a major role in the ending of decade long bloody civil war. He is currently undergoing from a medical treatment in switzerland since suffering a stroke in 2013 and rarely has been seen in public, Infact he was not physically present to submit his own candidacy.
Economic stagnation and Unemployment are the two root causes behind quailing of Bouteflika's regime.On friday a rally in the capital was slowed to a near-crawl by the huge numbers taking part, with participation swelled by women marking International Women's Day.Now the protest marked the 3rd consecutive weak on which the citizens have taken to the streets to make pressure over 82 year old president to step down. According to new reports the government shuts universities as rallies pile pressure on Bouteflika.
So this time it would not be easy for the regime as some long time allies of president, legislatures of the ruling party FLN have expressed support for the protestors revealing cracks within ruling elite.
Many experts believe that if this momentum continues for the next month it would definately be a game changer. Key date would be 13 march when Algeria's constitutional committee is due to determine the legitimacy of the presented candidacies for next month's elections..According to the constitution Physical presence is must during the submission of candidancy..Mr.Bouteflika should abandon his bid....The energy rich nation needs a new begnning...
--Arshad Hussain



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