Not promoting or spreading violence: Jama'at

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 3/11/2019 11:14:14 AM

SRINAGAR, Mar 10: Jama’at-e-Islami (JeI) today said it is not promoting or spreading violence.
According to a statement to news agencies, JeI described the ban on it as unjustified and illegal and subsequent allegations against it as false and baseless.
"Jama’at is formed for propagation of the message and teachings of Islam based on justice, peace and equality, in its true form in a peaceful, democratic and lawful way and never adopts any underground, violent or disruptive methods for achieving its cherished goal," the statement said.
It added that the party constitution of Jama’at strictly prohibits the use of any undemocratic, unlawful or violent method, causing any law and order problem or strife on the earth. "So the concocted allegations that Jama’at or any of its wings is, in any way involved in spreading or promoting any kind of terrorism or violence is totally false and baseless, being outside the purview of the activities of the organization. It is simply a defamatory campaign against Jama’at in order to justify the ban which under no legal system in vogue in the civilized world can be justified. Jama’at has made it amply clear time and again that it is not a constituent of any of the factions of the Hurriyat Conference but still then Jama’at is blamed for promoting and accelerating the activities of this conglomerate of different political factions of Jammu and Kashmir," the statement said.
It added that in the similar way, Jama’at has time and again denied having any direct or indirect link with any underground militant organization but despite it, it is blamed to be promoter of violence and terrorism.
"Jama’at has no link with any other organization outside the boundaries of Jammu and Kashmir but still it is falselesly blamed to have links with the organizations working in other countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, which is nothing but a blatant lie. The youth wing of Jama’at, Islami Jamiat-e-Tulaba has its own constitution which is non-political in nature and its activities are restricted to the field of general education and moral building," the statement said.
According to the statement, the state administration or the agencies cannot cite a single example to show its involvement even in an agitation which under a democratic set-up is lawful and a constitutional right. "It has contributed a lot towards educational upliftment of the society. The educational institutions which are blamed to be controlled by Jama’at are in fact independent institutions where the government recognized syllabi is in vogue and to link these educational institutions with any illegal or terrorist activity, is as false as calling a day, a night," the party said.



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