Wearing army caps wasn't the right thing: Javed Miandad

BIPIN DANI. Dated: 3/13/2019 1:58:01 PM

MUMBAI, Mar 12: Former Pakistani captain Javed Miandad has backed the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) in its protest against Indian players wearing army caps in the 3rd ODI against Australia in Ranchi.
Speaking exclusively over telephone from Lahore on Monday, he said, "the Indian players' did not do the right things" by wearing the army camouflage caps.
"India-Pakistan is a burning issue and instead of shaking the hands by two neighbouring counties, the BCCI has ignited the issue". "I strongly believe that ICC will never give such permission in future", he added.
The PCB has sought a detailed explanation from the ICC on this issue, it is learnt here. The Indian cricket board had approached the International Cricket Council (ICC) and sought the permission which allowed the players to wear army caps (to honour those killed in the terror attack in Pulwama last month) in the 3rd ODI against Australia at Ranchi on Friday.
"The BCCI requested permission as part of a charity fundraising effort", Claire Furlong, the ICC's media head confirmed to this reporter from Dubai.
It was no beach of ICC regulations. The players' army camouflage caps did have BCCI logo as mandated by the ICC's Clothing and Equipment rules and regulations.
The ICC regulations are enlisted below : Playing cap and sun hat should have a National Logo measuring 10 sq. inches (64.5 sq. cm) in front.
One manufacturer's identification (back or one side) 2 sq.inches (12.9 sq.cm) is permitted.
Colour & Design: Colour : Caps and sunhats must be the same colour to all members of the same team. As an alternative, a white sunhat may be worn if a team issued coloured sunhat has not been provided.
Design : The design of the cap and sunhat shall be uniform to all members of the same team.
Though the number indicating the number of caps earned by a player for his country is permitted (not mandatory), the army caps worn by Team India players had no such numbers.
Kohli's team was gracious enough to donate the match-fees to the National Defence Fund.



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