Utter diplomatic failure

Kashmir Times. Dated: 3/15/2019 12:19:00 PM

The noise made by the ruling party in India over listing of Masood Azhar as global terrorist amounts to diplomatic failure

By blocking the adoption of United Nations resolution 1267 on listing of Masood Azhar as a global terrorist, China, one of the veto powers, Indian ruling party led by BJP has not only lost face but also failed in its diplomatic adventure. It is unfortunate that the home work to have been done by Indian dispensation on this issue was incomplete in many ways. By briefing diplomats of about two dozen countries and members of United Nations Security Council for mounting pressure on the UN body for adopting the resolution, India could not succeed in its motive. It appears that the calculation done by the Ministry of External Affairs in pursuing this goal has gone all wrong and the Narendra Modi government owes this failure to its weaknesses than anything else. Now the question arises whether the UN resolution would have made some difference to the world or not is not noteworthy except for the fact that the Indian government has lost most of its face and energy that was spent in making this mover. It dawned upon rulers in India to blame Pakistan and Masood Azhar;s Jaish-e-Mohammed for the Pulwama blast that claimed the lives of at least 40 CRPF men on February 14, 2019 and then move forward for fixing Pakistan. But nothing of that sort appears to have been achieved by Indian government. The result of blocking the UN resolution by China was on the expected lines because it has met the same fate during the past almost 10 years. The first attempt to include JeM and Masood Azhar in the list of global terrorist individuals and organizations was made in 2009 after the November 2008 Mumbai attacks but failed miserably. The only thing that can be claimed as the diplomatic victory for India is that this time, China did not object to the resolution but blocked it on technical grounds and wanted more time to study the entire context. It will definitely help India to claim the shift in China's stand as a result of the pressure brought on Beijing in the days since the Pulwama attack and the India-Pakistan military stand-off that followed. The BJP, which is aggressively campaigning to see victory for itself in the forthcoming elections, can use it as a evidence of Nrendra Modi's diplomatic prowess and make hue and cry mainly through its media against the country that prevented the resolution.
Apart from the failures of the Indian diplomacy on China front, there is more to read between the lines on thought process of the ruling BJP in India. Knowing fully well that Indian diplomats may not succeed in this venture, the ruling party only wanted to hoodwink the gullible common masses and garner the votes, BJP-government needs to bag the second term for Narendra Modi. But everything has fallen flat. Now that everything on this issue is over, Indian establishment needs to re-thing its strategy in tackling the issues of terror infra-structure in the neighbouring country and plan for the future in a better way. The way forward lies in reconciliation and negotiations, which the right wing parties cannot and do not digest because of the fact that such parties do not believe in this doctrine. This is interesting to note that Pakistan has adjusted to the 1267 resolution because of the fact that more than 182 entities listed among the global terrorists, 100 are in Pakistan. The China factor is obvious for the reasons that it has invested heavily in Pakistan, which has emerged as a major ally in South Asian region the past few decades and it will not waste its resources. Moreover, Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has Pakistan as one of the biggest partners in the region apart from the economic investments made in the past few decades. So India has to learn a lot for the diplomacy to play in this region with China as one of the major trade partner. The 'Make in India' slogan also has China as a major trade partner with India. Lastly, it would require much introspection into what has gone so horribly wrong in Kashmir that the JeM, and LeT and Hizbul Mujahideen have all been able to make a comeback in Kashmir today. Unless we fix what's so broken in Kashmir, global lists of terrorists will be just that - the lists that don't matter at the international level.



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