Orientation Programmes for Principals and Teachers by DIET Doda

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 3/16/2019 12:50:22 PM

DODA, Mar 15: In order to strengthen Management skills of HOIs and aware them about the programmes of DIETs, one day workshop for Principals and Headmasters of all the HSS and HS of District Doda was organised at HSS Girls Doda.
The workshop was inaugurated by Lal Hussain, Principal DIET Doda, who in his address exhorted the participants to maintain strict punctuality and regularity in the schools. The participants were further directed to prepare and implement institutional plan/academic calender in the schools and ensure proper functioning of CAL centers/ laboratories so that children can avail the benefits of computer assisted learning.
They were further directed to prohibit the use of mobile phones by students in the schools, and restrict it's use even among the staff members who have usually been found fiddling with their mobile phones during schools / class hours instead of concentrating on the improvement of teaching learning process.
It was further stressed that the teachers be advised to restrict use of chairs in the classrooms and instead increase the use of blackboard for teaching students. Serving of regular Hygenic MDM to the students was also stressed. Among others the participants were also addressed by CEO Doda Sh.Tariq Hussain.
A similar five days capacity building workshop for teachers teaching Mathematics and English at secondary Level to hone their teaching skills was also organized by DIET Doda w.e.f.8.03.19 to 14.03.19 in which against the target of 80 teachers 77 teachers participated.



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