"Zing bail failure increases the drama"

Bipin Dani. Dated: 4/11/2019 4:18:47 PM

MUMBAI, Apr 10: Zing lightening bails have provided "good" entertainment to the spectators in the ground and viewers on TV.
The Zings Patented Electronic Cricket Wicket System manufactured in Australia is being used in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL).
A microprocessor in each Zing detects when BOTH spigots have become dislodged from the stump grooves. The Zing illuminates within 1/1000th of a second. However, It has been a talking point when not once or twice but on three different occasions in the IPL, the Zing bails lit up but didn't come off their groove.
David Lighteroowd, the chief of the inventor and the Australian-based manufacturing company was not amused when brought this to his notice.
Speaking exclusively, he said, "I havn't seen the footage of what you are referring to but with that issue people need to realise it also happens not infrequently without the zings as well. ie with normal bails. The impact of the zings lighting up obviously make it clear when it happens with the zings and increase the drama and scrutiny".
"Sometimes with normal bails that the stumps are glanced and no one is sure if the stumps have been hit or not (these ones may not be one of those situations), so everyone moves on, but with the zings every one presumes it is out until they see the bail remaining on the stumps".
"If you youtube the issue, you will find many instances of it happening with normal bails", he further added. 'Declare it a dead ball' – Rahane has suggested for a zing bail fail.



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