Missed Call..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 4/15/2019 3:00:17 PM

Many years ago, the business I ran went through a rough patch and my finances were hit for a while, and many dealers and suppliers ran scared because their payments were not coming as promptly as they came before. The situation worsened till I had even had to stop payments for a couple of months till funds arrived and I was able to pay everybody.
But as I paid them off, there was something they told me I'll never forget, "Sir, we had full faith you would pay us back, because you always took our call!"
I realized then, that in having done so, I had built their faith in me. It was very easy those days not to take a phone call, as my secretary handled all my calls, and would tell me who it was, before passing the line on to me. I knew how often I had seen disapproval on her face, as I picked the phone and had somebody demanding his payments, and me pleading for more time. "Shall I tell him, you're not here?" she would ask, and I would tell her I would speak to that person.
Today, less and less secretaries monitor calls. People have access to you directly, or so they think, till either you are busy and don't take the call, or decide to speak to relative or friend when more at leisure.
But do you?
Do you respond later to a missed call? And I'm talking of numbers you recognize, not the pesky tele-marketeer.
A few of those missed calls could be cries of help, with someone dead certain you will call back.
"Did you call Kumar?"
"I called him, he must be busy, but I know him, he'll call me back!"
Do people have that kind of faith in you? I know a person, who went through an emergency during his daughter's wedding, "Why didn't you call your priest?" he was asked later.
"I did!" he said simply, "But he never returned my missed call!"
To many, like those who don't reply to a missed call, is the thinking, that if a person is desperate enough, he will call again. But my dear brother or sister, replying to a missed call, is you stretching out your hand to help, before that person screams for yours in desperation.
As you rise in life, there will be longer lists of those who missed talking to you. Give yourself a few minutes each day to reply to all of them.
When you reply to a missed call, apart from giving dignity to someone who is too embarrassed to call you again, you are also building someone's faith in you, and in the case of the priest, faith in the God, he had dedicated his life to serve..!



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