Modi, Shah biggest enemies of India: Farooq

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 4/15/2019 3:11:26 PM

SRINAGAR, Apr 14: National Conference president Dr Farooq Abdullah today said prime minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah are the biggest enemies of people who believe in dividing the nation on basis of caste, creed and religion saying that people have made it a point not to fall prey to the divisive agenda of BJP.
Addressing a public meet in Mir Bahri Dal, NC president said BJP is trying to diverge the attention of people by propping up emotive issues. “These people want to change the very framework of the constitution of India, which grants equal rights and opportunities to everyone. It is the constitution of India which grants rights to profess any faith. It is the same constitution that confers upon our state certain constitutional safe guards. It is the same constitution which grants our state a special status by means of article 35 A and article 370," Farooq said.
He stated that these people have always shown abhorrence for our special status and special constitutional position. “The other day BJP came up with its manifesto which explicitly reflects the hatred BJP boasts for the identity of our state. They have forcefully vowed to do away with the provisions of Article 370, Article 35 A in that manifesto,” NC leader said.
He added that BJP's sole agenda is to change the demography of the state. However, they are playing with fire. "To meet this purpose, they have employed various henchmen in our state, such cronies can be seen holding ink pot and apple in their hands. The sole aim of BJP and its cronies is to make non-state subjects buy land and property in our state,” Farooq said.
NC president said the ensuing parliament elections are significant since it will decide if India remains secular or not. “Our fight is with the divisive forces. We should utilise our power of vote to show such forces as are inimical to our special status their right place. They can go to any extent to grind their axe; they will use men, money and machinery to coerce the voters. However, the need of the hour demands us to remain united and vigilant of their machinations. This time we are voting for our identity and the integrity of our state. Any mistake by us will have serious repercussions for the coming generations of ours,” Farooq said.



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