Sky rocketing of essentials, frequent power cuts irk people in Ramzan

MAJID NABI. Dated: 5/12/2019 12:34:33 PM

SRINAGAR, May 11: Amid huge increase in prices of essentials including fruits, vegetables and other edibles, people in most city areas complained frequent power cuts and acute water shortage during ongoing month of Ramzan.
From the main city to suburban areas, people upped the ante against the government for leaving them in the lurch owing to the acute potable water shortage and unscheduled power cuts.
“There was no shortage of power or water before holy Ramadan, but as soon as Muslim month begin, authorities started curtailing power for hours together that too during Sehri and Iftaar times. Besides we are dying for a drop of water as there is acute shortage of potable water in the locality since past twelve days,” said Ali Mohammad Rigoo of Rainawari.
He said authorities before the onset of holy Ramadan claimed that government would ensure adequate supply of essentials besides a keen check over price hike, “we have been befooled by every government which except for hollow claims does nothing to give any sort of respite to the people”
He said government should have kept all the essential commodities available to the public in the holy month. Since the first day of Ramadan valley besides bearing frequent cuts has been facing unprecedented price hike in essentials.
Abdul Khaliq from Budoobagh Khanyar complained that the area faces frequent power cuts during Sehri which causes makes people to face problems.
“It is an irony that people in this modern age are without power; there is no permanent criterion set by the government for any sector, no one seems to be bothered to check the rates, people don’t have water for abolition that too in holy Ramadan,” he said.
People from other localities also complained of frequent power cuts during Sehri and Iftaar time and alleged that government makes no move to mitigate woes of people even in the holy month of Muslims.
“Today is the fifth day of the holy month of Ramadan, however our problems keep on compounding as the government makes people to suffer for want of drinking water and electricity,” said Mohammad Ashraf from Dargah Hazratbal.



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