English and our politicians..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 5/22/2019 1:36:59 PM

How our politicians love to say they hate English, yet if you see where their children go, it is to the best English schools. A few days ago I was having a chat with my accountant, a man who has worked for me for nigh over twenty-five years.
"How's the family?" I asked him.
"Doing well sir, though my son can't get a job!"
"Tell him to meet me," I told him, "I'll see what I can do!"
"I'll come with him," said my accountant.
"Why?" I asked, "Doesn't he know how to travel alone?"
"Yes sir," said my accountant, "But he can't speak English!"
I was shocked. I remembered the number of times many years ago, when his son was a toddler, encouraging the father to put his son into a good English school, even offering to compensate some cost of the fees, but he had never come back to me.
"Why didn't you listen to me?" I asked him, a little abruptly.
"I listened to my political leader!" said the man simply.
There are many who can't figure out why our politicians are not to keen on children getting the best education; the reason is simple; the more you are educated the more you will be able to discern and decipher and question their lies and untruths. Secondly keeping their voters in a state of illiteracy makes the voter dependent on the leader, for everything. Yet they send their own children to the best of schools.
In the colony I live in, the poor man who operates the water-pump has sent all three of his children to English schools. I was thrilled to discover that all three come within the first three ranks in all their exams.
And the pump operator cannot sign his name.
He came home this morning; he wanted two hundred rupees from me, for tying the dogs up everyday. I smiled as I gave him the small amount. I knew these small sums would be collected from different households and would go towards uniforms and books and other school needs.
He brought his son home the other day and smiled from ear to ear as the little fellow talked confidently to me in excellent English. I then spoke to his daughters and found they were as proficient as their brother.
The politician obviously hadn't got to him.
My cook has sent her daughter to medical school. My driver has started asking me about the best coaching class for his son. A painter who worked for me now has his two daughters working in a banking Call Center. These children will lift their families up, and out of poverty just because they were allowed to study English whereas my accountant, poor fellow, listened to our political leaders..!



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