PDD restoring to frequent agonising power cuts

Kashmir Times. Dated: 5/23/2019 1:59:27 PM

Dear Editor,
The Governor quite recently made an announcement, while addressing a meeting of PDD higher-ups that there will be no power cuts in metered areas. The commissioner/ Secretary Power Development also thereafter held a meeting of PDD officers reminding them to carry the orders issued by the Governor in letter and spirit. Earlier too the PDD authorities stated that electronic meters are being installed in the state so that power is supplied to the consumers uninterrupted. Since the time the Governor made this announcement, the frequency of unscheduled power cuts are on the rise. The people fails to understand whether the Governor has made this announcement merely as face saver or the PDD authorities are doing this in violation of the orders issued by the Governor who is all powerful in the presidential Rule.
On the one hand the PDD is resorting to unscheduled power cuts at will on the other hand the people very oftenly sees the high voltage electric bulbs installed on the poles in streets and roads on in the broad day light. The Power Development authorities thus owe an explanation to the power consumers who are facing agonising unscheduled power cuts what is their motive behind doing all this.
—Krishan Singh,
Talab Tillo,



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