My Beauty Queen..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 5/23/2019 1:59:44 PM

She lived behind my house in a hut for just a year. She was leader of her little gang. I'd been sick that summer and had watched from my window as she led that gang to make discoveries they never knew before.
They treaded cautiously past ant hill, where she told them wide eyed, a snake lived, she walked first, bravely, but her heart in her pretty mouth. She showed them nests and they waited with her for curved beak to peep out, and when it did they shrieked and shouted with happiness, thrilled their leader had helped them partake in moments of simple joy.
She was part of a family of construction workers who were putting up buildings behind my house. And was at an age when as a woman child, she did not have to go to work, nor much to do at home, except look after the horde of little children her parents kept adding to her little gang. She was good with them, so good that she would ever so often get them occupied in some pastime, and quietly run off by herself for a few moments with her own dreams.
Once, I felt her dream:
The Miss World show was on, and every eye glued to TV screen. I watched the beauties parade one by one and then looked out of my sitting room window. There she sat on the compound wall looking into my screen, smile on her face, watching women not half as pretty prancing before statue like judges. I looked at the screen through her dreaming eyes and saw her walk down the ramp decked in designer finery. I heard the crowd roar and the audience gasp at rustic beauty they had ne'er seen before.
Judges leaned out to her and crowned her then and there. I saw the smile upon her face as with peasant grace she put the crown on matted hair.
I felt her dream. There was more beauty sitting on that wall than on my TV screen!
Suddenly she felt my gaze. She jumped and like a bullet shot, was off into her hut.
The next day her gang wandered about, leaderless.
Later on in the day, I saw her at a distance: Bricks on her head as she walked from mason to brick pile and back through the day. I felt her thoughts: It was a ramp she was walking on, and in her head the crowd cheered and cheered and cheered till at dusk her duty done, she crept home exhausted. She was a woman now and a different ramp her walk.
Years later I saw her, holding a tiny baby, walking behind her man. There was grace and dignity in her walk, and I cheered her, my beauty queen..!



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