Record striker's hit, proposes SA bowler Keshav Maharaj's dad

Bipin Dani. Dated: 8/7/2019 12:30:10 AM

MUMBAI, Aug 6: Team India's opener Rohit Sharma's new record of hitting maximum sixes in T-20i has prompted the father of South African spin bowler Keshav Maharaj to record the speed of strike by batsman when hitting the ball.
Sharma has surpassed Gayle's record of 105 sixes. However, West Indies' Gayle still holds the record of 529 sixes in all three formats of the international cricket.
Speaking exclusively over telephone from South Africa, Athma Maharaj said, "was just watching a top class batting display by Rohit. The power that some shots are played makes my enquiry even more interesting. While we record speed of bowlers delivery, why is it not possible to record speed of strike by batsman when hitting the ball".
"Worth a look at especially when bowler is delivering a fast delivery and batsman counters speed of delivery by hitting the ball faster than bowler's delivery. It would really bring stats about how batsman strike the ball'.
"I also feel that fielders need to have a look at as well. A ball being at 140km or more brings the fielder in play especially when he has to stop the ball that speed or more in infield positions. Like a motor vehicle travelling at that speed hits an object it leads to damage to the vehicle or driver. So the point is that the fielder is also taking some hammering. It would be great to report that the batsman hit a delivery bowled at him or her which they dispatch at probably the same speed or even greater which is fielded", the father of 30-year-old Keshav Maharaj explained.
"What a moment to report that the fielder cleaned fielder or stopped a ball travelling at recorded speed. Would make interesting reporting for commentators as well as fans. Further it would draw huge interest knowing at what speed ball travels when batsmen strike the ball. Something that crossed my mind watching World Cup matches also", he signed off.



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