Congress traditionally favours law-breaking former law-makers in matter of vacation of govt-accommodations

Kashmir Times. Dated: 8/21/2019 12:31:31 PM

Dear Editor,
It refers to a Congress spokesperson opposing the right approach of a parliamentary-panel to cut electricpity and water supply of about 200 former Parliamentarians within next three days who have failed to vacate government-accommodations even after so many days of losing entitlement. Such strict steps can only make government-accommodations evicted timely which in earlier regimes were at times could not be vacated for years after losing entitlement. In case former Parliamentarians and others do not themselves vacate government-accommodations within 90 days of losing entitlement, not only these should be forcefully vacated but also all such persons should lose right to contest any election in future.
Market-rents for unlawfully retaining government-accommodations should be reviewed to match actual market-rents.
Also there should be a system of auto-deduction of such government-dues from salaries and pensions of law-makers.
--Subhash Chandra Agrawal
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba, Chandni Chowk
DELHI 110006 (India)



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