Theatre group stages play, “The Man who turns into a dog”

Kashmir Times. Dated: 9/22/2019 1:18:11 AM

NEW DELHI, Sep 21: A theatre group today staged a play, “The Man who turns into a dog”, inside Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU) campus.
The theatre group, “The Blind Owl Ensemble”, staged the play, which is an adaptation of Osvaldo Dragun’s play with the same title, “The man who turns into a dog”.
Adapted, designed and directed by Baljeet Singh, the play opens with three actors, attired in black clothes, are seen at the centre of the stage while the fourth one is in the dog’s house, at the corner. The three friends start narrating story of their fourth friend, who was earlier an artist like them but later ended up in the job of a watchman’s dog.
The fourth friend had to meet his both ends and family requirements, so he tried hard to get a job. Whenever he applied, he is told that there are no jobs. He could only get a job, only if someone dies, retires or is fired. One day, a night watchman's old dog dies. Though watchman required another dog but the fourth friend agrees to do the job of a dog and finally gets it.
Since, he now has a dog house to sleep in, his wife has to move in with friends. Adjustment to this new dog’s job has its own difficulties. His wife visits him, but she becomes more and more distraught by his behaviour. ("You bite me!", the wife tells, but he said, "No, I was only trying to kiss you".) In the end, he completely succumbs to his humiliating situation, and is seen running through town on all fours.
Although the play’s plot seems simple, in the end it conjures up deeper questions on work and life. As one writer has put it, “This is not about finding a job in a tough job market. It is about becoming your job.”
The actors who performed in the play were Rohit Rai, Alok, Jai Prakash Kumar, Marvi Slathia, while off stage were Saurabh Dwivedi and Saurabh Chandra Patel, Anula, Pritam Kumar & Aishwarya Kazi.
Established in May 2018, "The Blind Owl Ensemble" seeks to explore and understand the behaviour of human beings as social and political animals, through practical (performance) and theoretical (literary and inter-disciplinary) approaches.
Director, Baljeet Singh is an accomplished thespian and vocalist based in Delhi and J&K. He was born in Ferozpur, Punjab. He joined National School of Drama in 2014 and completed his Diploma in Dramatic Arts with Acting Specialization in the year 2017. Before joining NSD he has completed his Masters from Centre for Political Studies, JNU (2010-2012). As of now, he is actively engaged in Performance making and experimentation in theatre with like-minded artists under the banner of The Blind Owl Ensemble.



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