Attacks on Dalits condemnable

Kashmir Times. Dated: 10/5/2019 12:49:53 AM

Not condemning the lynching of minority persons, Dalits and marginalized communities amounts to condoning acts of vigilante mobs

In condemning the attacks on Dalits in various parts of the country and terming them as "inhuman", the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) appears to have woken up from deep slumber on this issue. Asking state governments to take action against elements trying to "disturb communal harmony and trust" twice in less than two days speaks of such elements' desperation following attacks from the opposition political parties on this issue. Now the question is whether they are focusing their attention on the votes in upcoming elections this month in two major states or they are serious about restoring harmony in the society is yet to be ascertained. Keeping in view the track record of the Sangh Parivaar and its offshoots, they do not appear to be serious in tackling the situation that has been arising out of attacks on Dalits on one pretext or the other. Firstly, RSS and its splinter organizations have been provoking the upper caste groups to launch tirade and violence against the marginalized sections of the society and then calling such attacks as acts of cowardice amounts to double-speak. Secondly, they were have been working hard in saffronising the entire country by raising Hindutva slogans and building of Ram Temple at the disputed site of Babri Masjid or some other iconic places of worship since the demolition of Babri Masjid at Ayodhya in 1992. This sustained working of the Sangh Parivaar has not only vitiated the communal harmony in the country but also resulted in further division within the society on communal lines, which is otherwise also harmful for any civilized society. Thirdly, how the minorities and marginalized sections of the society are going to trust them when their religious sentiments have been hurt time and again in the past 72 years since independence of the country. Moreover, some elected representatives owing their allegiance to RSS brigade have been making poisonous speeches day in and day out against the minorities and Dalits from one platform or the other.
Apart from these acts of omission and commission, many groups, well known for their hate propaganda, have increased their activities since BJP rode on the wave of change and took over reins of New Delhi in 2014. Gau-Rakshaks and Cow-protectors are the new additions to a vast network of organizations floated by the Sangh Parivaar for spreading hate and communal division. The Cow vigilantes have now been called by Modi and RSS ideologues as bunch of criminals engaged in running mafia groups in active connivance with police and other law enforcing agencies to catch hold of any person merely on the basis of suspicion for cow slaughter. Then they are engaged in extracting money and looting people transporting any kind of milching animals with the threat to be branded as "cow killers". In many cases, they have been found to be actively involved in smuggling of animals and taking law into their own hands for dispensing justice suiting their whims and sweet wills while ganging up with pliable law enforcing agencies in different parts of the country. It is only after series of incidents from Gujarat to Madhya Pradesh and other states that Modi and RSS men have woken up to the realties and condemning such acts. Despite appeals from them for desisting from such activities under the garb of "cow-protection", VHP again an affiliate of RSS has vowed to continue its work related to protection of cow on the plea that they have been doing it for a long time. None of them, who have openly challenged the Modi and its parent organization has been booked by the concerned authorities. Now that the prime minister and RSS men have decried such action, it is yet to be seen how and fast action is taken against elements bent upon disturbing the peace and harmony in the society as they have their own axe to grind. A deterrent needs to be created to prevent further polarization and division in the society based on caste, religion and faith. This is also important to find out whether such attacks are pre-mediated and pre-planned to create fear among marginalized sections of the society.



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