Kashmiris also bear the brunt of soaring vegetable prices

MAJID NABI. Dated: 10/9/2019 5:19:41 AM

SRINAGAR, Oct 8: The state government has miserably failed to control the soaring prices of vegetables thus giving freehand to vegetable sellers to fleece people with both hands.
At the time people of Kashmir grapple with the huge economic crisis which arose in the valley after August 5, prices of vegetables continue to punch a big hole on the pocket of a common Kashmiri as authorities seems to be helpless to act against vegetable sellers for obvious reasons.
Surprisingly potatoes are sold at Rs 80 per kilogram while rate of per kg tomato has touched Rs 70. Prices of vegetables may increase in the coming days in case the government failed to act on time.
While beans (matter) are sold at Rs 80 to 100 per kg, rate of pulses including rajma, Arhar dal and moong dal have almost doubled, making people prefer green vegetables which too are costlier than deluxe Kashmiri rice.
State administration has preferred to maintain silence over the massive increase in rates by vegetable sellers who despite all odds setup their stalls on roads in Srinagar and elsewhere.
“People of Kashmir are destined to suffer and their destiny will never change until and unless the system changes. Vegetables sellers take undue advantage of the prevailing situation in Kashmir and the government is silent on the issue. I bought half kg tomato at rupees 40 kg from Batamaloo and it seems the government has given license to vegetable sellers to loot people,” said Abdul Hameed, a local from Karan Nagar.
He said the government instead of providing respite to people in these tough times prefers to benefit plunderers for restoration of normalcy in Kashmir.
The shooting prices of vegetables have fallen like a virtual bombshell on ordinary Kashmiri’s who for the past two months are experiencing a distressing situation amidst communication blackout and shutdown in the valley.



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