Nation has to make choice between Gandhi & Godse

By Brij Bhardwaj. Dated: 10/22/2019 1:02:42 PM

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Time has come for nation to make a choice between Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi and Nathu Ram Godse who was hanged for committing the murder of the father of nation. I am asking this question because there are many in the country who consider Godse to be a martyr and not a criminal who killed father of nation and many more are coming out in favour of Godse including some persons holding responsible position of being a member of Lok Sabha.
Recently clips are also being circulated in which they show father of nation being assassinated by persons in saffron clothes and shouting slogans praising Godse. I have no issue with people who openly praise Godse as I feel they have equal right to praise him as I and millions others have a right to praise Mahatma Gandhi, father of nation. Such ideas have received a boost after BJP came to power.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condemned those praising Godse, but more have been joining their ranks. Such thinking will get a big boost when Veer Sarvakar, one of the accused in Gandhi assassination case is sought to be honoured by BJP unit of Maharashtra and other BJP leaders. Mr Sarvakar was let off by the court of being a part of conspiracy to murder father of nation but he and Nathu Ram Godse did share same thinking and philosophy.
It would be strange if we continue to declare in our constitution that India was a secular, socialist republic and at the same time talk of Hindutva and make a distinction on the basis of religion between migrants seeking sanctuary in India. BJP has amended the Constitution to achieve their agenda like abolition of article 370 which granted special status to Indian Constitution and can do more.
So far the present Government has downgraded many heroes of freedom movement like first Prime Minister of India Jawahar Lal Nethru and they can decide to do the same with regard to father of nation. But they cannot claim Congress alone has monopoly of legacy of Gandhi and also encourage figures like followers of Godse or others. They also would be free to remove expressions like secular and socialist from Constitution as they have the numbers in Parliament.
More so unlike in the past we no more hear about foreign dignitaries coming to India paying a customary visit to Rajghat, Samadhi of Father of Nation. I have no problem in accepting these changes as there is no reason to pay lip service to father of nation in case they do not agree with him or have faith in his philosophy of non-violence. Non-violence and secularism were essential part of Gandhi philosophy and so were accepted world over.
It is not to suggest that Congress party did anything better by way of following the teachings of Gandhi. To start with father of nation believed means are as important as ends which no political party follows today. All means like offer of money, office to win over opponents have become common. They were adopted by Congress party and are being adopted with more finesse by the BJP.
AS such one can say Congress party during their rule turned the teachings of Gandhi as a ritual and BJP will carry it to another level by allowing some to praise Nathu Ram Godse or honouring those who follow his thinking. But in all fairness BJP should not play a double game of swearing by Gandhi and at same time encouraging those who were his opponents and never agreed with him.
In a democracy disagreement is not a sin but double speak is. It would be a big change if we become a Hindu nation instead of a secular democratic republic. This is likely to happen unless judiciary stands in way and do not allow fundamental character of the Constitution to be changed.



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