Traffic police frequently stops vehicular movement on flyover

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 11/14/2019 1:32:54 PM

SRINAGAR, Nov 13: Traffic police frequently stops vehicular traffic movement on the flyover from Ram Bagh towards Jehangir Chowk at Tulsi Bagh Crossing and diverts it on road causing lot of inconvenience to those in the vehicles.
The cops divert the traffic from the fly over to road leading to lot of massive traffic jamming. It takes lot of time for the drivers to reach Jehangir Chowk amid jamming on road. Subsequently some take Raj Bagh route to reach Lal Chowk but get trapped in jamming on the Abdullah Bridge.
The traffic cops started this process of suspending the traffic movement yesterday. Earlier, there was no such problem.” The action of traffic police is unjustified. If they frequently suspend traffic on fly over then what is the use of constructing the fly over and spending thousands of crores of rupees over the construction,” said Abdul Wahid, a local resident.
He said the cops must effectively learn to regulate traffic on fly over rather than suspending it from time to time thus causing heavy jamming.
A traffic official said this was being done to stop the traffic getting blocked at Jehangir Chowk.
But a commuter, Iqbal Mohammad, said by diverting the traffic from fly over, the traffic officials are themselves blocking the road leading to Jehangir Chowk. This move causes jamming and results in waste of time unnecessarily.



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