Sunny day in Kashmir after days of bad weather

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 1/19/2020 4:21:22 PM

SRINAGAR, Jan 18: After days of snowfall and cloudy weather, Kashmir experienced a sunny day today much to the relief of people.
However, the post snowfall related problems are yet to vanish completely. A number of roads continue to be water logged making the movement of vehicles and pedestrians difficult.
A number of inner roads are yet to be cleared causing inconvenience to drivers. The snow on roads caused slipping of tyres and lack of control over the vehicle.
Even on the link roads which have been cleared, sufficient space is not available for the two vehicles coming from opposite directions to pass. This results in traffic jamming and other related problems.
However, due to cloudy weather last night, the minimium temperature did not dip too much. The minus temperature results in freezing of water in taps and water supply pipes. The sub-zero temperature also causes slippery road conditions making driving problematic during morning hours.
Due to the improvement in weather conditions today the flight operations at the airport were normal. The bad weather had badly hit the flight operations. The flights were cancelled for two days due to snowfall and next day morning flights were cancelled due to poor visibility.
The impact of the snowfall was more in north Kashmir, central Kashmir and parts of south Kashmir. Twelve persons including three of a family were killed in snow avalanches. They included six security men also. Hundreds others were rescued.



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