With highway blocked, petrol pumps run dry in Kashmir

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 1/19/2020 4:21:31 PM

SRINAGAR, Jan 18: The frequent blockade of Srinagar-Jammu highway has again caused shortage of petrol in Kashmir as most petrol pumps are running dry.
The petrol pump owners have displayed the ‘No Petrol” boards at their respective pumps making the customers disappointed. Because of the shortage of petrol, some people do not take out their vehicles and prefer travelling in public transport. Subsequently, a number of vehicles have gone off the roads due to petrol shortage.
“I have a very little petrol in my vehicle. If I drive it to my office, it will not reach there. I am travelling by public transport till I get the petrol,” said Mohammad Amin, a government employee.
Another employee, Rayees Ahmad, said he exhausted lot of petrol in his vehicle in search of petrol. “I visited a number of petrol pumps yesterday and today but could not get it. The workers at the petrol pump said they are not sure when the petrol will reach here,” he added.
The snowfall led to the blockade of highway and subsequent shortage. The petrol tanker drivers alleged that they are not being given preference when the highway reopens after blockade. “We are made to drive through the old highway at Nashri and not allowed to use the new tunnel. The old road is slippery and consumes lot of time,” said Irfan Ahmad, a driver.
However, an official said that this is being done to avoid jamming. “For avoiding jamming which causes lot of inconvenience to passengers, this step is being taken,” he said.
Regarding shortage of petrol, the official said the shortage is temporary. “Once the petrol tankers reach here, there is no problem. There are ups and downs in the supply due to road block and it is unavoidable. The authorities are aware about the problems being faced by people. We react fast to solve the problem,” he said.
Non availability of public transport in the evening is another cause of concern for commuters. “The public transport goes off the roads in the evening during winter. This puts people to lot of trouble. Neither buses nor Sumos or auto rickshaws are available after evening. The drivers of small number of auto rickshaws overcharge,” said Fayaz Ahmad, a local.



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