Nursing homes gasing bukharis; Risk lives of mothers, newborns

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 1/23/2020 11:54:26 PM

Director Health Services assures action within days

ANANTNAG, Jan 23: The private hospitals in Anantnag are risking the lives of both mothers and newborns by using gas Bukharis in the post- operative rooms. The health authorities issuing licences to these hospitals and supposed to check the facilities there are looking the other way.
Anantnag town has around eight private hospitals in different localities. Four of them including SKJ, JASCO, South City and John Bishop hospitals are in KP road area while Gowshia and Wani hospital are in Janglatmandi and Ashajipora areas.
A visit to these private hospitals reveals how the mess is prevailing there. Besides absence of adequate parking space, almost all these hospitals lack the heating facilities thus agonising the patients and the newborns.
In the post-operative rooms, the hospital authorities are using gas heaters to provide heating facility to the patients not only risking the lives of mothers but newborns as well.
This reporter visited several nursing homes of the town and found the gas bukharis as the only heating gadget being used in the rooms where patients are kept for post operative care.
At Alnoor and Wani nursing homes, two overcrowded hospitals of the town, gas Bukharis could be seen placed close to the beds, mothers and new borns are lying on.
Top health officials and attendants of the patients who spoke to Kashmir Times expressed surprise over the use of gas heaters by the these private hospital managements.
"Burning of LPG releases carbon monoxide which is very harmful both to the operated mothers and newborns. The management of these hospitals during the winters keep the room windows shut and covered with the result the carbon monoxide fills the rooms thus putting the lives of patients in danger," said an official of the health department.
He said the use of gas bukaris lowers the oxygen concentration in the rooms which at times can prove life threatening for babies.
"The new borns are vulnerable to many infections and need more oxygen initially but in Anantnag nursing homes they are made to inhale carbon monoxide. Not only this, none of the nursing homes in Anantnag is prepared to handle any complication to the mother or baby during or post-surgery. What they do in such situations is to refer them to MCH where from they are again referred to Srinagar," another health official said.
While being referred from one hospital to another, the official said, the condition of patients worsens further leading to deaths of many of them.
People are equally surprised and outraged over how the management of these private nursing homes are risking the lives of patients despite charging them huge amounts.
"With no facilities available these private nursing home owners charge hefty amounts even for minor surgeries. Most of these nursing homes have no or very low space for parking which agonises both the patients and attendants. Ironically in one of these nursing homes both patients and attendants are made to put off their shoes right at the entrance of the hospital while doctors and the other staff members of the hospital could be seen moving in the hospital corridors wearing shoes. This is not only disgrace for the patients and attendants but agony as well," said a local businessman, Ibn-Fayaz.
Another local resident, Junaid Dada said that he was stunned to see the patients and attendants being made to put off their shoes at the entrance of the hospital in these cold conditions.
"I few weeks ago went to the hospital to see my female relative who had delivered a baby there through cesarian. But on seeing the bundle of shoes at the entrance of the hospital I preferred to stay back in my car till my aunt returned from inside," Dada said.
Interestingly, many of these nursing homes are operating from the buildings which actually were residential houses.
"One wonders how the health authorities issue licences to some rich people to run the hospitals from the residential houses with no parking and other facilities. Seeing the condition of these nursing homes it seems that health authorities in Anantnag have set no criteria for issuing licences to start a nursing home," said a social activist from Anantnag, Shiekh Adil.
Incharge chief medical officer (CMO), Dr Faheem Alam admitted that none of the private hospitals in Anantnag has the central heating system or any other harmless and safe heating facility.
Director Health Services, Kashmir, Dr Sameer Matoo said that he has directed the concerned CMO to inspect these nursing homes and ensure they don't use gas bukharis in post-operative rooms.
"Using gas Bukharis as a heating gadget by these nursing homes cannot be allowed. Our district officers have been strictly directed to inspect these private hospitals and take action against those putting lives of patients at risk," the Director said.



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