Bad omen for Indian democracy: Soz

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 2/18/2020 12:34:59 PM

SRINAGAR, Feb 17: Former union minister Prof Saifuddin Soz today said the national parties not taking notice of Kashmir situation is a bad omen for Indian democracy.
In a statement, Soz said senior BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani once told him in the Parliament that anything was possible within the four corners of the constitution of India.
He added that Advani was so sure then that Kashmir was a problem and its final solution could be envisaged within the constitution of India.
"Today, as I am told, a section of Kashmiris possibly think that the crisis could best be resolved within the constitution of India. But, the government of India does not show any sign of settling the issue through discussion and dialogue," Soz said.
He added that as critics of the central government have explained, the government has found a comfortable tool of dealing with anybody in Kashmir by imposing the PSA (Public Safety Act).
The latest victim of this infamous Act is Shah Faisal, who had barely started activities in his recently instituted party – J&K People’s Movement, he said.
"It is so tragic that the entire mainstream leadership is either in jail or under house arrest," Soz said.
For the sake of future of India’s democracy, India’s opposition parties including INC should have taken notice of the current political scenario in Kashmir, he added.
"Or else, is it a situation that the National Opposition Parties have also fallen to extremely bad times? By any standards, it is then a bad omen for the future of ‘Indian Democracy," he said.



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