Withdrawal of separatists’ security cover; HC grants govt 4 weeks to file status report

Kashmir Times. Dated: 2/20/2020 11:24:23 AM

JAMMU, Feb 19 (JNF): A Division Bench of High Court comprising Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice Rajesh Bindal Wednesday directed government to furnish latest status report within four weeks regarding security being provided to the separatists.
The direction was given in a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by Deewakar Sharma seeking withdrawal of the security cover provided to the separatists including Hurriyat leaders and other persons indulging in anti-national activities against the national interest in Jammu and Kashmir.
When the PIL came-up for hearing AAG Raman Sharma, appearing for the Home Department, sought time to file status report. Acceding to the request, the Division Bench granted four weeks to file status report.
In the PIL it was submitted that since the onslaught of the phase of militancy in Kashmir from 1990, there had been a war like situation in Jammu and Kashmir, aided and instigated by the forces inimical to the country sitting across the border and their agents sitting inside the country especially in Kashmir valley.
“In order to maintain the security of the State as also the law and order problem, appropriate action is required to be taken against such persons who are propagating separatism of the State from the Union and who are also instrumental in the propagation of communal hatred leading to mass migration of Kashmiri Pandit community from Kashmir. However, surprisingly instead of taking stern action against such persons, the respondents (government and its agencies) are spending huge expenses in providing security cover, boarding/ lodging, medical facilities and even food to such separatists and pro-militant elements particularly in Kashmir valley. The amount so spent by the government is from the public exchequer which is collected through taxes being paid by the common man, therefore, it is baffling for a common man to understand as to how the taxes being paid by him through hard earned money is used for providing security cover, boarding, lodging and medi-care to the persons who are threatening the very unity and integrity of the country as also the life of a common man,” it was submitted in the petition.
It further said, “Whatever may be the policy of the government with regard to dealing with the militants and separatists, it cannot be a policy of using the money of the common man against him by providing benefits to the separatists and preachers of militancy and their agents as private respondents are indulging into mischief of inciting the public of Kashmir valley against the State and by repeatedly indulging into challenging the accession of the State to the Union and are also raising the slogans and incitements against the unity and integrity of the country.”
It added that private respondents (separatists and others) were involved in inciting large scale violence in Kashmir valley which resulted into death of thousands of people and members of security forces and despite the efforts made by the State to contain their illegal criminal and subversive activities they were still continuing with their nefarious designs of making statements and taking action against the nation. “Recently they were allegedly involved in inciting the youth to resort to stone pelting etc. which created the situation of emergency in the State and which resulted into destruction of properties worth crores of rupees and death of innocent person. They had also been found involved in indulging into money laundering for keeping the separatist movement in the State alive and thereby creating a threat of peaceful atmosphere of the State,” it further said.



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