History to be blamed for not de-marking border: Khan

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 6/27/2020 12:39:03 AM

LEH, June 26 : A top political leader, Ghulam Hassan Khan, in Union Territory of Ladakh Friday termed the China’s move in eastern Ladakh as “highly unfortunate” and said the outcome won’t be beneficial for any of the country and even if China captures land of Indian Territory that won't affect the local population in may manner.
Haji Ghulam Hassan Khan, former Member Parliament for Ladakh, who represents Jammu and Kashmir National Conference believes that the history has left the land between India and China un-demarcated that’s why the encroachment keeps.
The veteran politician Khan said that neither a war nor a standoff will serve us any purpose but the claims and counter-claims about the sovereignty were being made for past so many years now only because the area has no demarcated border line.
He said it’s not a demarcated border, but there is no panic among the local population at the moment as the exact spot of face-off between India and China is an far off site area where only moving nomads go which is almost 300 kilometers away from Leh town.
“People entirely have no panic but all are very concerned about the tensions and want all this not to happen,” Khan told KNO.
He refrained from commenting about the actual situation on border stating, “I don’t know what exactly is happening at border and we can't say how all this happened since when it’s told that 43 Chinese soldiers were killed and India lost 20 in a violent faceoff and if there are clashes casualties will be suffered from both the sides.”
Government is doing whatever is required and army on ground level is looking at the entire situation and are going on as per the situation demand since its un-demarcated border tensions keep arising there, he said. Former MP said even though China alleges India of entering into their territory and sometimes India accuses them, it's all because the border is not demarcated.
Blaming the past history for the land not being demarked, he said history is to be blamed for no demarcation of the border between India and China so that’s why we can’t say this line of control belongs to either of the countries.
Talking about China's claim of sovereignty, he said it can’t be said as to how much of the Indian Territory China has captured. “We can’t say as it’s absolutely not known yet,” he said.
He said at present the claims are entirely being made on basis of satellite image’s only. “We have to believe the government version also since there is no access in the area even the civilians don’t reside there so we have to believe the government version,” Khan said.
He also said Indian government has said China didn’t enter our territory so we have to say probably they (China) haven’t.
To a question about the impact and effect if India loses land to china he said, there won’t be any sort of impact or effect on our local population as only moving nomads live there and there is no village or residential house that belong to any of the local.



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