Farooq demands through probe in Pulwama incident

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 4/14/2019 6:16:05 PM

'Modi exploiting killing of security men, Balakote to hide his failures'

SRINAGAR, Apr 13: Former chief minister and National Conference president Dr Farooq Abdullah today demanded a thorough probe into the Pulwama incident in which over 40 CRPF personnel were killed.
Addressing election rallies here, Farooq alleged that prime minister Narendra Modi is milking the Pulwama and Balakote incidents to extreme levels to hide his own failures.
He described Modi as a failed prime minister of a failed government.
"To hide his misrule, PM Modi flared up the tensions with Pakistan. I earnestly insist for a thorough inquiry into the incident that devoured over 40 CRPF men on Jammu –Srinagar highway. Unfortunately, Modi is milking the post Pulwama situation and Balakote to extreme levels to hide his misrule and mis-government. However, he cannot befool the intelligent masses of the country with his sophistry and gimmickry now. He stands no chance, they have been unmasked now,” he said.
NC president said that Modi is behaving like Hitler. “Like him he promised the country everything under the sky, however, when it came to delivering on those promises, he could not make any difference on the ground. On the contrary he aggravated the situation to an extent which will take years to restore, " he said.
NC leader stated that to talk of Modi's promises which he made while canvassing for 2014 elections, he has put into abyss what good was achieved by the previous government. "Every single sector of our country is in shambles. People are asking where the jobs are, where is the black money, where are two crore jobs? Today our mothers and sisters are finding it difficult to run their households. Every edible including cooking gas has become dearer," Farooq said.
He asked who is responsible for this. "Why is he shying away from answering as to what he was able to achieve during his stint in power? The other day former minister and senior Congress man Kapil Sibal revealed the currency racket of Rs three lakh crores involving BJP. Not just that people are seeking answers from him on Rafael deal, "Farooq said.



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